Best Sydney Photography Locations

There’s no doubt about it – Sydney is a great location for photographers. The weather is great and there’s a range of landscapes and settings.

I’m one of those people you might see at the beach or down by the harbour first thing in the morning taking photos. So over the years I’ve worked out some of the best locations to take photos, especially at sunrise.

Here’s my top ten Sydney photography locations. 

1. Blues Point

Blues Point offers the picture postcard view of Sydney – the Harbour Bridge and Opera House perfectly lined up.

Time your visit to the right time of year and the sun will come up over the harbour, perfectly aligned with the bridge. Check with an app like Sun Seeker to find out when – normally in late November and mid January.

Blues Point is also a great spot of a night time.

My tip – use a wide angle lens. You’ll be surprised just how big that bridge is and getting it into frame isn’t an easy task.

2. Mahon Pool

It was here at Mahon Pool in Maroubra that I experienced one of the best ever sunrises I captured.

Mahon Pool is a pool carved into the rocks. No matter what time of year you’ll find people swimming at the crack of dawn and in winter sharing views on the Rabbitohs performance each weekend.

The pool is surrounded by an amazing rock shelf which provides a great spot for pics as well. Be careful though, especially in the dark or high seas.

There’s also some slightly raised areas where you can get a range of shots.

3. Turimetta Beach

Turimetta Beach is a favourite for seascape photographers. Turimetta Beach is a little strip of sand just to the north of the entrance to Narrabeen Lake.

While the beach is very pretty, the highlight is the rock formations at the southern end of the beach. Access it from the beach though, especially if in the dark or if it is high tide.

The rock formations have large grooves cut into them, providing a great texture.

The rocks also have a green moss which at the right time of year, and with the right settings, seems to glow.

Because of the rock formations there’s also great opportunity to capture ghostly waves over the rocks.

4. North Narrabeen

Just to the south of Turimetta Beach, in fact just around the headland, is North Narrabeen tidal pool.

The pool is large and surrounded by a rock shelf. However the best part for photographers is the wooden deck that juts out over the water, with it’s weathered boards and rusty chains.

The pool can be busy at sunrise – not just with swimmers but photographers. This is a must shoot location in Sydney.

5. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is an icon of Sydney, arguably one of the World’s most famous beaches.

Sunrise here is beautiful, as the beautiful people hit the sand.

At the southern end of the beach is the iconic Bondi Icebergs club which is always busy, even in winter. It’s also a nice spot for breakfast once you’ve finished with your photos.

6. Bradley's Head Mosman

Bradley’s Head is another iconic Sydney postcard location.

Bradley’s Head is part of the Sydney Harbour National Park so expect to pay a handsome sum to park there (or get a Parks pass like us) and be aware that there’s not much parking.

This location is best suited to sunset photography with the sun going down behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

7. Woolwich Wharf

A little bit further west of the Bridge is Woolwich. Famous for its pub, it’s also a great spot for a shot of the Sydney skyline.

In fact from the ferry wharf you get a perfect panorama of the city skyline, with Sydney Tower right in the middle.

Get there early and you can park right near the wharf. 

Woolwich Wharf is good for sunrise or sunset. 

8. Mrs Macquarie's Chair

A few of these spots are iconic postcard locations. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is the ultimate one.

From Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in the Royal Botanic Gardens you get the Sydney Opera House and Bridge perfectly aligned.

This spot is best for sunset shots.

9. Gordon's Bay

Gordon’s Bay is a little beach that puts on a big show.

A relatively small beaching the eastern suburbs, Gordon’s Bay is a great spot for photos due to its historic boat racks which stretch up the beach.

Be careful here as the racks are weathered and can break fairly easily.

Best for sunrise photos.

10. Bilgola Beach

Rounding out my top ten is Bilgola Beach up on the northern beaches.

Bilgola has some interesting rock platforms which provide a great texture for sunrise photos.

When you’re finished there’s a little cafe right on the beach where you can warm up with a coffee.