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Welcome to my home on the interwebs.

Thanks for dropping by my little place on the internet,

Many years ago, I set up this website as part of a business idea which never really took off. For a long time it sat in the boondocks of the web gathering dust.

These days the site is mainly for sharing my photos. You’ll often find me out and about taking snaps early in the morning.

While you’re here, browse around and feel free to drop me a line.

Photo Gallery

Check out some of my favourite photos from here and abroad.

Cork Cam

The world famous Cork Cam, live from Sydney Australia

Sunrise Project

My mission – see as many sunrises I can in a year. Here are the pics.

Sydney Photography Locations

Sydney is an amazing place to take photos. Whether it’s down by the beaches, out on the Harbour, or pounding the streets of the city.

You’ll quite often find me out and about taking photos – normally as the sun comes up.

I’ve put together some of my favourite places to take photos.