April 1, 2018

Cape Baily Coastal Walk

March 26, 2017

Adelaide Sunset

Being from Sydney it’s actually quite rare seeing the sun go down over the water – normally it’s the suburbs. Sure, we get great sunrises but sunsets are at a much more reasonable time of the day. We went to Adelaide recently for a wedding. Unfortunately I didn’t take my proper camera gear, so this is from a little point and shoot – and admittedly, taken after a belly full of beer at the wedding, and running across the road to the Largs Bay Pier when I saw the colours appearing.
June 18, 2016

Sydney turns on a stunner

This week I flew north for a day to Coffs Harbour for work. Up and back in one day, sure beats driving. As we took off out of Sydney, we flew north over the city and straight over the city. How’s this for a view?