Train to Kandy
April 19, 2018
Farewell, Sri Lanka
April 23, 2018

So our trip around Sri Lanka isn’t just about eating and drinking. Although there’s a lot of that!

After our stay in Kandy, we headed north towards the famous Sirigiya Rock.

Starting early in the morning, we were the first to arrive at the rock and amongst the first to reach the top. You’re advised to start early to beat the searing heat of the middle of the day.

Even from the base, it is spectacular.

It was hard going, with many steps and some of them metal walkways jutting out over the cliff top, with a long drop below.

At the top, there are ruins from hundreds of years ago – well before the paths were constructed. It’s incredible to think how they made all of this well before modern construction and transport.

The view from the top is quite breathtaking, and not just because you’re a sweaty, heaving mess at the peak.

On our way to Sirigiya, we also visited the historic Dambulla caves. There’s a number of caves filled with shrines and temples.

Our hotel is the Heritance Kandalama. It’s built into the hillside with rocks throughout the property and monkeys playing by the pool.

Down below there is a reservoir where we went for a short walk and saw two local kids washing their elephant. It looked like a working elephant – and the boys invited us into the water to get up close with it.

We declined. Good thing we did – our driver later told us there are crocodiles in the water and it’s very dangerous!

And while it’s a big hotel and by far our least favourite on this trip, the view is something to be seen especially at sunrise and sunset.

The view from the pool is pretty cool though.

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