Historic Sri Lanka
April 21, 2018
Finolhu, Maldives
April 26, 2018

Before I travelled here, I didn’t actually know a great deal about Sri Lanka. But what a surprise it has been.

Our trip here is sadly drawing to a close after 12 says.

The last full day started early with another big climb. The prior day it was to the top of Sigiriya, one of the famous sights of the country. However just nearby is the shorter peak of Pidurangala Rock. This rock gives you the postcard view of Sigiriya, which you see in many of the travel guides.

Again, it’s recommended to do the climb early in the morning to avoid the heat of the day. In fact many choose to do the walk at sunrise for the sight of first light racing across the rock and flat ground below.

The first part of the walk is the easy part – well, at least it is steps.

The final section, which only takes you up probably ten or fifteen metres, is the toughest. Clamouring over rocks, crawling. This is one part I would not like to be doing in the dark.

However once at the top three view was beautiful.

And on the way back to the hotel, another local washing their elephant!

Later, we started the long drive towards our final destination, Colombo, for an overnight stay.

This short trip gave us the chance to enjoy one of Sri Lanka’s most famous restaurants, The Ministry Of Crab. Owned by Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara, the crab here is to die for.

Our final hotel is the Tintagel, built for a former Sri Lankan prime minister and now a beautiful hotel with a great restaurant and bar.

Sri Lanka had been full of so many surprises. It’s a little sad to be leaving but never fear, next stop is the Maldives!

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